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Over 30 years’ experience across the education and not-for-profit sectors, Bronwyn has developed her innate ability to work with people to bring out their full potential. From working with children with special needs, leading a school, managing a Salvation Army centre to working fly-in-fly-out with asylum seekers on Nauru, Bronwyn’s capacity to see beneath surface circumstances and analyse the drivers behind behaviour is phenomenal.


Two major life events – divorce and working with asylum seekers – shook Bronwyn’s personal foundations and allowed her to see the impact individual and corporate stories have on outlook and decision-making. She saw the limitations and unconscious bias latent in her conservative background growing up in a largely white Australia.
These two events, and the lessons she took from them, sent Bronwyn on a new trajectory. She now works with individuals and corporations to identify their guiding stories, understand the impact of unconscious bias and develop strategies for change and growth.


For you I will:
Raise awareness of the unconscious factors driving life.

Bring recognition of unconscious biases.

Identify guiding and foundational stories at an individual and corporate level.

Rearrange the furniture of life so stories are reframed and retold.

Develop strategies for growth and transition.


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